You can see a 90° dial on the picture:

Besides, Uranian Astrology can be complemented with asteroids, comets, Arabic parts, etc, you name it. Only human creativity (or the lack of it) can limit the potential of this astrology science.

My astrology pursuit consist of two distinct activities:

  1. Personal horoscope reading

  2. Teaching Uranian Astrology (in private or in group format, in person and online, as well as with pre-prepared online materials).


You can also invite me to events. Please contact me if you would like a professional astrology seminar or workshop or if you would like me to prepare horoscopes for your guests, clients.

Uranian Astrology was originally founded as Hamburg School by genius Alfred Witte. During the Nazi occupation, Hamburg School astrologers were persecuted. This science fortunately spread to the US, where it is now known as Uranian System of Astrology (USA) and also as Symmetrical Astrology. Although the methodology appears to be a century old, presumably it is the resurrection of an ancient science.

Uranian Astrology uses 8 more heavenly objects (TransNeptune Planets) than conventional astrology. It also extensively uses the 0 Aries point. Its incredible precision is due to working with midpoints, hard aspects, and planetary pictures. These are illustrated by mathematical-astrology dials that can be rotated and unburden the user from doing the actual calculations. These dials are unmatched in the history of astrology. The result is extreme precision and a wealth of information that can’t be seen otherwise.

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“There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life.”

Varaha Mihira