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This document is not meant to be for registering, it stays in electronic format. It is not classified as a written contract, it is written in Hungarian, and does not point to at any behaviour codes. If you have questions about the operation of the website and your order process, we will be at the given contact details.


The effect of this "Terms and Conditions” extends to the contractual relationships of the provider’s website (https://uranianastro.com) and subdomains. 



  1.  Data of the Provider


Name of the Provider: Szilvia Sólyom

Contact of the Provider: ssolyom1@gmail.com

Name, e-mail and address of the hosting service provider:

Name: Wix.com Ltd.

Address: 40 Namal Tel Aviv St., Tel Aviv 6701101, Israel

E-mail: support@wix.com   



  1.   Basic provisons


  1. The user acknowledges general terms and conditions compulsory as soon as a user log in the website –run by the Provider- or read its content. If the user does not accept terms and conditions does not have right to reach the content of the website.


  1. The Provider reserves all rights in connection with the content and dissemination of the website and webpage. It is absolutely forbidden to download, (electronic) store, process, or sell any content published in the website or part of them without written consent of the Provider.



  1.   Purchase, horoscope order, application for training


  1. The User/Customer declares to accept this general terms and conditions, and to get to know the condition of the Data Management Document, and agree with that, while shopping/ordering/applying on the webpage.


  1. The User/Customer is liable to give their real, own data during shopping/applying. The electronic contract with unreal or third person’s data is absolutely void. The Provider excludes the accountability if the User/Customer uses third person’s name, data while utilizing the service.


  1. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any delays or mistakes made by the User for any delays or any other problems or errors.



  1. Available products and services


  1. Displayed products/services can only be ordered online. The prices shown on the products are in USD, they include the statutory VAT or they are VAT free values.


  1. On the website, the Service Provider details the name, description of the product/service.


  1. In the case of a course, if the User does not have the right time, the Service Provider may provide private lessons for the value of the deposit.


  1. In the case of compatibility analysis horoscope, obtaining the other party's information and consent is the responsibility of the person concerned. The Service Provider does not examine the existence of the consent and therefore assumes no liability if the other party does not consent.


  1. If a promotional price is introduced, the Service Provider fully informs users about the action and its exact duration.


  1. If there is wrong price shown on the website – in spite of due diligence of the Provider- it is not required from the Provider to deliver for the wrong price but for the right price.  Especially with regard of significantly divergent. For example: „0” USD or „1” USD because of a system error. The users/ customers can abandon the shopping.


  1. In case of false price, there is an onerous contract between the real and the visualized price of the product. A costumer should recognize that. The contract is void, if the acknowledgement of order based on the wrong/false price.



  1. Process of ordering


  1. The user can purchase the products / services by entering their personal details and then by clicking on the "Order" button.


  1.  The user gives its personal data, then the payment method.


By transfer: The customer will be required to transfer the value of the ordered products to the bank account in the fee payable within 3 days. After the amount is credited to the Service Provider's bank account, the User is entitled to receive the product (s) / service (s) in a manner determined by it.


Personal payment: During live events (training) the user has the opportunity to pay for the products / services in cash.


With online credit card: You have the possibility to pay the total value of the order online by credit card through the secure payment system of the financial service provider used by the Service Provider.


  1. If there is lack or imperfection in connection with the products or prices in the website, we reserve the rights for correction. In such a case we inform the customer about the new data immediately after the recognition or modification. Afterwards, the customer can confirm the order again, or has a chance to rescind the contract.


  1. The total sum contains all the charges according to the totalizing of the order and the letter of confirmation. The invoice is sent electronically by the Service Provider.


  1. Correcting Input Bugs: A user can step back to the previous phase before completing the order process, where he or she can correct the input data.


  1. The user/customer gets an email of confirmation after sending the order, which does not give rise to contract.  If this e-mail does not arrive within an expectable deadline – depending on the profile of the service –or at latest within 48 hours, the user is relived of the bid fixity or contractual duty. The order and the confirmation of the order can be considered „arrived” to the Provider or to the User, when it is reachable for them. The Provider excludes the blame of confirmation, if the confirmation does not arrive in time because the user/customer has given wrong email address, or the storage pool of the account is full, and can not receive messages.



  1.   Order processing and fulfilment


  1. Orders are processed during opening hours. In addition to the times specified for processing the order, it is possible to place the order. If it is after the expiration of the working time, processing the next day. Service Provider's customer service will always confirm by electronic means when it can fulfill its order.




  1. Intellectual property rights


  1. As a homepage, Uranianastro.com qualifies as an intellectual property, and it is absolutely forbidden to download or multiply any content or any part of the webpage, republishing, storing, adapting and selling data of Uranianastro.com without the written consent of the Provider. It is also forbidden to record an audio or video or make photos of the courses, seminars, presentations and horoscope analyses of the Provider without her written consent. Furthermore, it is forbidden to download or multiply any content or any part of these presentations and chart readings, to republish, store, adapt or sell data of them without the written consent of the Provider.


  1. Even in the case of a written permission, data form the webpage or from the database can be adopted only by properly referencing Uranianastro.com.


  1. The Provider reserves all the right for any elements of the services, domain-names, and second-domains, and for the commercial on the internet.


  1. It is absolutely forbidden decoding or adapting the content, or detail of Uranianastro.com, creating usernames and password for unfair reasons, using application which can change the website or cause indexability.


  1. The name „Uranianastro.com” is under legal protection of copyrights, it can be used just with the written permission of the Provider, except reference.


  1. The customer accept because of use without permission, the provider is authorized for contractual penalty. The cost per pictures is 300 USD (gross price), or 100 USD (gross price) per words. The customer accepts this contractual penalty is not unconscionable, and customers should be sensible while browsing the page.  In case of contravening property rights the Provider adjust notarial attestation of the act, which cost will be wore by the customer.




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