The course starts on 5th October 2019 (Saturday) at 1 pm CET (Central European Time) which is 2 pm UK time and 4:30 pm India. It will last for 30 consecutive Saturdays for 1.5 hours each (45 hours in total). No astrological background is needed to participate. However, since it’s going to be intensive, it is also suitable for students who would like to resume learning astrology. The benefit of an online course is that anyone can participate from home using fast internet. We will use Google Hangouts with camera.


The ultimate goal of the course is to learn the basics of Uranian Astrology (Hamburg School), for which, we’ll study tropical (Western) astrology first. By the end of the course, you will be able to analyze your chart using the Western and Uranian methods and you will gain self-knowledge from the point of view of your ‘life map’. This will include mundane, psychological and spiritual aspects.


Uranian Astrology was originally founded as Hamburg School by Alfred Witte. During the Nazi occupation Hamburg School astrologers were persecuted and this science spread to the US, where it is now known as Uranian System of Astrology and Symmetrical Astrology. The methodology appears to be a century old, although presumably it is the resurrection of an ancient science. Uranian Astrology uses 8 more objects (TransNeptune Planets) than conventional astrology. It also extensively uses the vernal point. Its incredibly precision is due to working with midpoints, hard aspects and planetary pictures. These are illustrated by mathematical astrology dials that can be rotated and that unburden the user from doing the actual calculations. These dials are unmatched in the history of astrology. The result is extreme precision and a wealth of information that can't be seen otherwise.


Thematic: zodiac signs, constellations, houses, luminaries & heavenly objects (Sun, Moon, classical planets, asteroids, TransNeptun Planets), personal points (e.g. ascendant, Midheaven), their aspects (e.g. trine, square), midpoints, planetary pictures, 90° dial.


Necessary background knowledge in Mathematics: mean (average); adding and multiplying numbers; simple equations, like (a+b)/2=c

Attention: without basic (primary school) Math knowledge you won’t be able to do the class. There won’t be more complicated calculations in the course than mean and simple equations.


This will be an interactive class in a small group (max. 5 students) where we can get to know each other, our charts and life stories. The entire course (45 lessons) costs $295. Registration deadline with payment: by 27th September.


I’m looking forward to seeing you in the Uranian Interactive Cyber Space.


More information:

Dr. Szilvia Solyom

Uranian Astrologer


Online Intensive Western and Uranian Astrology course for Beginners

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