The course starts on 8th September 2019 at 12:30 pm EST (5:30 pm London) and will last for 6 consecutive Sundays till 13th October.


Astrology students and professional astrologers who use the Western or Vedic system, but don’t know yet Uranian Astrology, will benefit from this course.


Uranian Astrology was originally founded as Hamburg School by genius Alfred Witte. During the Nazi occupation Hamburg School astrologers were persecuted and this science spread to the US, where it is now known as Uranian System of Astrology (USA) and also as Symmetrical Astrology. The methodology appears to be a century old, although presumably it is the resurrection of an ancient science. Uranian Astrology uses 8 more heavenly objects (TransNeptune Planets) than conventional astrology. It also extensively uses the 0 Aries point. Its incredibly precision is due to working with midpoints, hard aspects and planetary pictures. These are illustrated by mathematical astrology dials that can be rotated and that unburden the user from doing the actual calculations. These dials are unmatched in the history of astrology. The result is extreme precision and a wealth of information that can't be seen otherwise.


The course consists of 6 lessons (1.5 hours each) on consecutive weeks. It will be on Google Hangouts and you will need high internet speed.


Thematic: hard aspects, midpoints, planetary pictures, the 0 Aries axis, TNPs, 90º dial.


Necessary background knowledge in astrology: zodiac signs, houses, planets, personal points (e.g. ascendant, MC), major aspects (e.g. trine, square).


Necessary background knowledge in Mathematics: mean (average); adding and multiplying numbers; simple equations, like (a+b)/2=c

Attention: without basic (primary school) Math knowledge you won’t be able to do the class. There won’t be more complicated calculations in the course than mean and simple equations, but we will have a lot of this in the beginning.


During the course, you will not only learn the Uranian technique and how to interpret your chart from a novel point of view, but your self-knowledge will also develop from an entirely new “aspect”. This will be an interactive class in a small group (max. 5 students) where we can get to know each other, our charts, and life stories. What is wonderful is that Uranian Astrology will produce almost the same dials and result for Western and Eastern practitioners, uniting us in the cosmic sphere. Vedic astrologers will receive an extra 30 min free consultation between the first and second lesson where I’ll explain how to switch from the South or North Indian chart to the ‘circle mandala’ format.


When signing up, please include your birth details, which astrology system you use, and any comments/questions. Soon after you sign up, you will receive your chart in a ‘wheel’ format with TNPs.


Looking forward to seeing you at the Uranian Interactive Cyber Space,

Dr. Szilvia Solyom

Uranian Astrologer


Interactive Basic Uranian Astrology Course

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