• Necessary background knowledge: hard aspects, midpoints, planetary pictures, 0 Aries point.


    Thematic: ~4.5 min repetition of planetary pictures, the meaning of TNPs and other points/objects, easy calculation of planetary pictures, the basis of the 90° dial.


    If you would like to input your TNPs, I recommend using https://serennu.com/astrology/ephemeris.php

    It requires universal time. Please be aware that there are also asteroids with the same name as the TNPs, so make sure you select the right ones.


    Two free pictures can be viewed for this video (click on the small dots under the main pic to see them):

    • 90° dial
    • The meaning of points, planets and TNPs


    If you encountered any problem during unzipping the file, send me an e-mail and I’ll share the unzipped video from my dropbox.

    2nd Uranian video teaching material (31 min)

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