Necessary background knowledge: Western zodiac, signs, houses, planets, personal points (e.g. ascendant), major aspects (e.g. trine, square).


Thematic: brief insight into the history of Uranian Astrology, hard aspects, midpoints, planetary pictures, 0 Aries point.


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"Five Stars


This 26 minute video is an excellent introduction to Uranian astrology. The pre-requisites for understanding the material presented are:

  • a basic familiarity with the 360° zodiac circle in a standard natal chart;
  • the concept of the aspects formed between planets - both hard and soft aspects;
  • the use of keywords to describe planets; e.g.
    Sun = body, vitality, masculine energy
    Mars = action, etc.

The topics covered are:

  • the characteristics of Uranian astrology (TNPs, dials & planetary pictures);
  • hard aspects (4th, 8th & 16th harmonics);
  • Alfred Witte's chart - interpretation of some hard aspects;
  • midpoints and planetary pictures;
  • planetary pictures in Alfred Witte's chart.


Students are set two tasks: finding midpoints and then planetary pictures in their own charts.


I found the material easy to follow and very informative. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is serious about starting to study Uranian astrology. (For those that aren't that serious, there are plenty of free videos on YouTube about Uranian astrology.)"


Andrew Khabaza

1st Uranian video teaching material (26 min)

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