Travis Walton’s abduction by aliens – evaluation using tropical Uranian Astrology

5th November, 1975 (Heber, Arizona, evening)

This is one of the best documented cases in modern history where a human was abducted by extraterrestrials and taken aboard of a UFO, supported by many witnesses, full police reports and multiple lie detection (polygraph) tests. Interestingly, before the abduction, but during the same day, Travis was almost killed by a fallen tree that his fellow, Allen cut down as they were logging in a forest. The similar spelling (Allen – Alien) and the looming danger twice that day is intriguing.

Using Placidus – assuming that the provided time is not too off – the battle between the mysterious 12th house (with the South Node, Chiron, Admetos and Hades TNPs) and the 6th house responsible for health (with a fully packed Scorpio) is interesting, as well as the MC in bizarre, technology-driven Aquarius. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius in the 6th house is caught up in the opposition with Admetos, the higher octave of Saturn, in the 12th (see below). Uranus.Admetos hard aspects contain tremendous energy and it is often released during earthquakes. The ascendant is in the last degree of Earth-bound Taurus, and signifies ending or a potential horrible (or at least highly occult) environment with Hades sitting on top of it. The MC (if precise) is in a symmetrical grand trine aspect with Kronos-Ceres on the one hand and with Pluto on the other hand. Minor planet Ceres has significant connections with the underworld and death. Kronos, another TNP that is also the higher octave of Saturn, signifies masters, but also time. Inferno energies have no restrictions here.

Let’s look at the 90° dial for crude details, using the interpretation of the Witte-Lefeldt book as a basis: (Semicolons between hard aspects and planetary pictures denote either/or scenarios, but they can occur simultaneously.)

Hades/Admetos=Aries 0 (0° Aries is in hard aspect with the midpoint of Hades and Admetos)

General pessimism, neglect; aversion. (Note: potential deadly manifestation.)

Uranus.Admetos (Uranus and Admetos are in hard aspect with each other)

Sudden rupture-like separation; destruction through convulsive natural eve; murder; convulsion; shock commotion.


To be separated suddenly; to part and die. (Note: potential deadly situation.)

Pluto.Black Moon Lilith.Vulcanus (a strong Hades Moon)

Forceful events; mighty changes in the public. (Note: the Witte book only recognizes the Moon. It can be replaced by BML and the new meaning will always be more severe and carry a tone of rejection or abuse.)


To think of the family; marriage intentions. (Note: his galactic family takes him for a ride?)


The martial nation; procreative faculty of a female. (Note: although not implied in the abduction report, apparently it could have involved a fertilization process or hybridization program [MO.ZE and ME.CU].) When compared with the natal chart in a bi-wheel format, this observation is verified by mutual Venus, Mars and Cupido hard aspects. (The birth time that can be found on the internet is to be evaluated critically as in the case of all public figures. I’d suggest omitting all fast moving objects from the analysis.)


Vaporized air; master of deception; incompetent management. (Note: Travis was put into coma-like state.)

Let’s look at the 45° dial for more elaborate details (not shown):

Black Moon Lilith.Hades.Pluto (a variation of a “double” Hades Moon)

Paralyzed by fear, dread; apprehension; unclean or unreliable persons; people without discipline and order.


Possible meaning: deadly gas; dangerous deception; the leaders deceive and condition via pain.


Expansive power; outstanding success in connection with science and industry; many get excited; advantages through the relationships that are formed.

And finally, the 22.5° dial for even more precise details (not shown):

Aries 0.Poseidon

Spirits, ghosts; spirituality.


Possible meaning: Conflict over raw materials.

Aries 0.Eris.Hades

Possible meaning: Serious conflict in occult and/or disgusting matters.

Mars.Chiron and Mars.Neptune.Chiron

Possible meaning: Fights and injuries; denial, destruction; infection; failures that result in pain.


Asteroid Isis.Nodes (conjunction and opposition)

Relationships that require resurrection, re-assembling and re-membering.

Asteroid Circe conjunct MC

Sorcery, magic.

Ascendant conjunct Alcyone (Eta Tauri)

Solar Fire: “Mystical but Judgemental.”

Starlight Elixirs Booklet: “Extraterrestrial Contact. The primary star in the Pleiades group. Can provide one with a significantly enhanced ability to channel from extraterrestrials, to do this in a balanced way, and to perceive the correct place of contact with entities from other planetary systems. An ability to extract from this channeled data a deeper understanding of all that happens in the ways of these worlds that touch our world, and from this extraction of information to utilize it properly and appropriately in one’s life. An ability to perceive enhanced spiritual truths that may be shared and understood as universal principle.”

Hades conjunct Capulus (M34, Perseus Cluster)

Solar Fire: “Male, sexual and/or aggressive.”

Starlight Elixirs Booklet: “Emotional Awareness. Use of this star elixir is likely to create emotional understanding and the ability to accept one’s emotions. It will also give one the ability to accept the emotions of others. This can be especially true for those people one has known in the past who have created powerful messages for one’s own development. Many times, these are negative messages from one’s parents of judgment or struggle, or difficult emotional aspects of one’s own inner awareness. M34 will bring one to a place of forgiveness of one’s parents or guardians.”

It has been Uranian Astrologer colleague, Blake Gourley’s observation that this event occurred 2 days after an eclipse that belongs to Saros series ( Could it open a time portal? Travis went missing for 5 days after all. "Babylonian astronomer-priests studied patterns of eclipses, hoping to find some ways to predict these terror-inspiring heavenly events. One of the most brilliant of their observations is the ‘Saros Cycle’. They noticed that eclipses occur in families that link together the eclipses that happen 18+ years apart.” ( The fact that Hades was conjunct South Node could be another terror-indication. In particular, this eclipse belongs to Solar Saros 123 ( It was observed above that the MC “is in a symmetrical grand trine aspect with Kronos-Ceres on the one hand and with Pluto on the other hand.” This can also mean time travel with masters of hellish/underground energies.


This astrology analysis supports that abduction happened in the way as reported by Travis. Whether the aliens constituted Travis’ galactic family (which I’m speculating), I don’t know, but astrology analysis doesn’t suggest these entities were the epitomes of loving-kindness.


If you use the real (sidereal) position of planets, you will get basically the same Uranian charts, because each object will lag about 24° behind, but their aspects will be the same. Modern Uranian Astrology does not use houses. However it includes 8 Trans-Neptunian Planets (TNPs) besides the well-known classical objects, works with hard aspects, midpoints, planetary pictures and mathematical dials (the most popular one is the 90 degree Uranian dial). For maximum precision, I’m using parallax moon, true node and true Black Moon Lilith. I used Astrologic PC for Uranian interpretations (based on the Witte book), unless it’s written “possible meaning”, where I made safe bets if objects used here were missing from the book.

Literature and software used:

· Solar Fire v.9

· AstrologicPC ( - it is based on the legendary book by Alfred Witte: Rules for planetary-pictures: The astrology of tomorrow (1974)

· Starlight Elixirs Booklet: (


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