Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison – synastry using the methods of tropical Uranian Astrology

Dear Reader, one can do a synastry (compatibility analysis) between two (or more) lovers, but also between enemies, a parent and a child, a person and a company (if it’s known when & where it was founded), etc. Tesla and Edison became bitter enemies and their synastry undeniably shows this.

Tesla proposed he could increase the efficiency of Edison’s prototypical dynamo. Edison promised him $50,000 if he succeeded. Tesla worked around the clock for several months in Edison's company and made a great deal of progress. When he demanded his reward, Edison claimed the offer was a joke, saying, “When you become a full-fledged American, you will appreciate an American joke.” Edison offered a $10/week raise, instead. Tesla quit.

The two would then publicly clash about the use of direct current electricity, which Edison favored, vs. alternating currents, which Tesla championed. The latter inventor entered into a partnership with George Westinghouse, an Edison competitor, and thus a major business feud over electrical power came into being. One of the unusual and cruel ways Edison tried to convince people of the dangers of alternating current was through public demonstrations in which animals were electrocuted. One of the most infamous of these shows was the 1903 electrocution of a circus elephant named Topsy in New York's Coney Island.

The time of birth for Edison is questionable and several dates are available for Tesla, too. Yet, note that Edison’s Hades (HA) is conjunct Tesla’s midheaven (MC). Be aware of people with whom you have a MC.HA hard aspect. According to the legendary Witte book, MC.HA means victimized people; business losses; meanness; to feel disgusted; to be pursued by misfortune; to be easily offended; grief through deficiencies or being inclined towards serving others. In fact, since Tesla’s birth time has been questioned by many, besides conventional rectification techniques, synastries can be also helpful indirectly to assess the time of birth. This particular case suggests that Tesla’s Midheaven could be at / very close to the right place.

Although Edison’s birth time has been reported to be different on many sites than the one used here (by Solar Fire), note that Edison’s MC is conjunct Tesla’s true Black Moon Lilith (shortly BML, the Moon’s apogee). It means rejecting each other and negatively judging each other’s career publicly. This they were doing as they notoriously ranted about each other’s bad habits in the media.

It is very interesting that their true nodes are in very tight conjunction. Tesla’s North Node at 20Aries06 meets Edison’s South Node at 20Aries42. They were destined to meet and it must have been a highly karmic relationship emanating from a past life. However, the nodes are pointing at opposite directions. Their goals in personal evolution are opposite – this may also be an indicator why they parted ways. You can read much more about their nodes and potential past lives using the sidereal view point, since their nodes are in hard aspect with sidereal 0 Aries, representing the ‘world’. This information can not be seen using tropical Uranian Astrology. This astrological set up explains why their relationship will never be forgotten by the public:

Edison’s Neptune is conjunct Tesla’s Admetos. NE.AD: poisons, decay. They may have worked on poisonous materials together, but symbolically this aspect is also valid to describe their relationship.

Let’s take a look at the 90° uranian dial (attached in the comment section) counter-clockwise, describing those eye-catching aspects there were not mentioned above.

The dial shows that Edison’s MC is not only in hard aspect with Tesla’s BML, but also with his Saturn.

MC.SA: to separate; to feel deserted; mournful states of affliction; depression, inhibition; to slow down or hinder others; wanting to change jobs.

MC.SA.BML: upsetting relationship with the public; rejecting each other; to separate or retire; negative, gloomy, narrow-minded.

Ceres is also involved in the planetary picture, indicating lack of nurturing due to its hard aspect with Saturn.

Again, be aware of persons with whom you have e.g. a MC.SA , MC.BML, BML.SA and similar difficult hard aspects where the energies represented by the planets do not combine well. The following is yet another example.

Edison’s Hades is in hard aspect (square - 4th harmonics) with Tesla’s Moon (MO), creating a type of Hades Moon. In my work Hades Moon includes Moon or BML aspects with Pluto or Hades. These are 4 planetary combinations altogether that yield abuse or subconscious rejection both in the form of hard aspects as well as trines. MO.HA: people struck by misfortune; hour of fated ordeal; widow; people who are victims; base persons.

Edison’s Apollon is conjunct Tesla’s Venus. First it appears to be excellent. VE.AP: science of art; friendship. However, right across the dial is Edison’s Eris, the dwarf planet of discord that ruins everything. (Edison’s Eris is 135° away from VE.AP, which is a hard aspect in the very important 8th harmonics.) Edison’s Apollon is also conjunct Tesla’s IC, but there is the opposition from Hades.

Edison’s Chiron and Pluto are in hard aspect with Tesla’s Hades (a T-square is formed). PL.HA: failure to act; an evil change; the situation gets worse; dishonest; downfall; growing sorrow. Together with Chiron, the wounded healer, the impact of this hard aspect is even more painful.

Interestingly, Edison’s Cupido is in hard aspect with Tesla’s Ascendant (tight conjunction from the 12th house using Placidus house system). ASC.CU denotes business partnerships, social connections, artists and even family ties. Uranian Astrology provides a clear picture about each piece of information. If one would like to know more about the quality of these ties, they need to look for further hard aspects and midpoints and/or include more objects, such as asteroids. The opposite side of the dial shows 8th harmonics and what else is there than Edison’s BML! Thus, their partnership was encoded in their chart to result in rejection, potentially even abuse.

Edison’s Venus is conjunct Tesla’s Eris. VE.Eris: discord regarding money, values and/or love. This hard aspect just appeared for the second time. VE.Eris was also singled out in Tesla’s chart in the writng ‘When empty space talks’ ( There, Tesla’s radix VE.Eris shared the midpoint with radix Chiron.Cupido, telling the same story as ASC.CU.BML with Edison.

Besides hard aspects, one can also look at midpoints. One midpoint easily seen by the naked eye is that tropical 0 Aries (the vernal point, AR) is nestled in between Tesla’s Mercury and Edison’s Mars. AR.ME.MA: quarrels in public; masses in action; general excitement; the power of thought; energetic action; quick acting; oral report. Let’s unfold one more planetary picture of AR shown by the dial, namely that 0 Aries is in the midpoint of both inventors’ true nodes and Tesla’s Zeus. AR.NO.ZE: to join together for production; to be connected with machinery or arms; to come into contact with combustible materials.

>20 pages of report could be written easily of Tesla’s and Edison’s synastry using further hard aspects and midpoints. This was just the tip of the iceberg! It’s amazing how precisely Uranian Astrology works.

With Vegan Uranian greetings from a future parallel dimension where & when elephants are not used for entertainment and not electrocuted, where animals are not slaughtered for firing of human taste-buds, where animals are loved and cherished, where there is no war industry, where compassion rules over selfish insanity,

Szilvia Solyom, PhD

Uranian Astrologer

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