Analyzing the toxic red sludge spill in Hungary using tropical and sidereal Uranian Astrology

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Analyzing the Ajka toxic red sludge spill using tropical Uranian Astrology:

After a brief intro, I introduce the 360º wheel of the event. Then we switch to the 90º dial. Instead of working with complicated midpoints and planetary pictures, simple hard aspects are analyzed.

The chart is very telling: retrograde (Rx) Black Moon Lilith is sitting on IC, the root of the event, while Mercury is sitting on MC, the outcome of the event. They form a cardinal cross with Pluto and Rx Hades (a TNP), signifying underworld or underground negative events. All this occurs on the 0 Aries axis, meaning that the event becomes public. There’s a Neptune-Admetos hard aspect, denoting poison, which together with Rx Chiron also shows injury…

Analyzing the Ajka toxic red sludge spill using sidereal Uranian Astrology:

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